Your Headshot is your chance to make a great first impression. A great headshot captures your personality, beauty, character, and has your confidence radiate through the Image. It must represent who you are. Every session with me is customized around you. As no two people are alike, no two sessions are alike. Below is important information pertaining my studio and your headshot photography session in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Manhattan.


First, your confidence and a great attitude! The best headshots are always the ones of people who are rested, prepared, and know who they are.  Clothes (You can bring different outfits), makeup, hair, and the “look” are all important but your personality is what we want to radiate in your headshot. There is nothing a casting director hates more that calling someone in off their headshot, and having them walk in and look nothing like it!


Hair & Makeup is strongly recommended. Having the right makeup that looks natural and enhances your features can make a good photo turn into a GREAT photo.  What looks good in person does not always it looks good on camera, so I do recommend working with a makup artist.


When considering clothing options, texture can be terrific. Avoid baggy clothes. Avoid bright patterns and graphic tees with large logos (excessive prints and patterns often do not work). Your clothes should fit well. Dark colors (blue, deep red, green and black) usually work the best, but sometimes bright colors can look great. Choose colors that bring out your eyes (if you have blue eyes, look for nice grey/blue shirts as well as pure blue). Generally, keep the shirts darker than your skin tone (though white and cream tones, especially for women, can look fantastic). Also, bring a variety of necklines. It is important that your clothes are wrinkle-free.

For men, layering is great- a blazer and collar shirt, for example, or a t-shirt and light jacket. Also, thermals, crew necks and v-necks are wonderful! For women, layering can work as well, but it’s usually a good idea to keep it simple. Sheer material is very nice, and spaghetti strap tank tops, scoop necks and v-necks are great. Make sure to keep your neckline open. Bring whatever makes you feel attractive, even if it contradicts our suggestions.


As you probably know getting your photo’s taken is only the first step!!! You have spend all your time and hard work investing in professional photos so you want to make sure you don’t compromise all of that with Poor Quality Prints or bad retouching! After 3 days of your photo sessions you can see your images in a private online gallery where you can order prints.  Every image that is ordered will be professionally retouched and printed. If you would like to print your images yourself you have the option of  purchasing a CD with 10 images or more.


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